Josh Reynolds

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Ahead of Armed Forces Day on Saturday 29 June, we are celebrating the ongoing commitment of our armed forces community, sharing their stories and achievements. Today bet365 online gameswe're profiling Josh Reynolds, Data and Compliance Coordinator in our UK Retail division and previously a Communications and Information Systems Specialist in the Royal Navy.

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience in the armed forces? 

I joined the Royal Navy in 2020 as a Communications and Information Systems (CIS) Specialist which meant I was responsible for all military communications and IT systems on board ship. I served for three years before getting married and having our daughter, which meant that leaving the military was the best option for myself. I served in the Falklands onboard HMS Forth where we maintained a military presence and acted as a deterrent – this was quite an honour considering the history. 

Navy ship

Do you have one or two highlights you can share?

Something that immediately comes to mind is sailing on HMS Forth to South Georgia and being able to explore the island – it was full of seals and penguins! It was quite surreal being on an island with a population of zero and one that not many people get to experience. Being able to get married in my uniform is obviously another highlight!

Josh Reynolds wedding day

When did you leave the armed forces and what was your route to joining ISG? What support was available? 

I left the Royal Navy in March 2023 and joined ISG in May, so there was a bit of a transition back to civilian life however working at ISG made that extremely seamless and I had adapted in no time.

Having no prior experience in the construction industry, there was a lot to learn. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by some great people on the Nationwide Building Society (NBS) account so it didn’t take long for me to find my feet and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last year.

I think ISG do a great amount in supporting the transition from military to civilian life – something I found helpful was the amount of people I met early on in my ISG career that have previously served. I found the transition a lot easier than I had bet365 online sports betting appexpected and that’s a credit to the company.

What does your role involve, and what are you currently working on?

As a Data and Compliance Coordinator on the NBS account, my role focuses on data reporting and the management of dashboards for the client. It’s been an incredibly busy time on this account, especially with the rebranding of 600+ branches. 

Are there transferable skills which you now apply in your role with ISG?

As my role in the Royal Navy focused heavily on IT and system management, this was helpful moving forward with ISG. The core values of the Royal Navy will also be with me for life, especially discipline!

How are you staying connected to the armed forces?

I don’t think you lose the connection with the military once you’ve experienced it. I have good friends still serving, and now good friends at ISG who have previously served so the connection will remain. This is further solidified by ISG’s strong presence within the armed forces community.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I’m a huge Crystal Palace fan so most of my spare time revolves around them, which has obviously been a happier period towards the end of the season! I also have a two-year-old daughter who constantly keeps my wife and I on our toes – but it’s the best job in the world.

Find out more about ISG’s armed forces commitments here

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